Based out of Vancouver, WA ‘RDF Products’ designs and manufactures professional-quality radio direction finding (RDF) equipment for land-mobile, fixed-site, vehicle tracking and location, shipboard, and airborne radio direction finding and location missions. These radio direction finders are carefully designed precision-built units employing true Adcock/Watson-Watt DF technology, and have been extensively and effectively deployed for a wide variety of radio emitter location requirements for decades.

INSOFT LLC based out of Miami, FL develops our software defined radio DF firmware, and HuntMASTER DF mapping software. HuntMaster unleashes the power of our radio direction finders units. Remote DF site seamless control is possible through a graphical intuitive interface. We’re building SIGINT (Signal Intelligence) products capable of networking several DF sensors into a powerful mesh radio localization tool, capable of processing an accurate heat map based on a variety of heterogeneous DF sites.

‘RDF Products’ DF antennas and processors and INSOFT LLC software provide a solid DF system which is simple enough for anyone to use, yet powerful enough for the most demanding Direction Finding real-life scenarios. Our services includes complete turnkey solutions. From project conception, technical design, installation and training.


To provide law enforcement, public safety, national security, national defense, regulatory, and scientific research organizations with professional-quality cost-effective radio direction finding systems capable of meeting the demanding requirements of both mobile and fixed-site radio emitter location missions.

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We are a multi-disciplinary team committed to deliver the perfect radio direction finding solution for each application.

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