CompCAL is a Windows application used to calibrate KVH C100 industrial-grade compass modules. The calibration procedure minimizes the effect of nearby magnetic objects that may exist in the vehicle where the compass has been mounted.

The calibration procedure is divided into 10 easy steps. The first of which can be seen below.

HuntMASTER's CompCAL initial screenshot (click to enlarge)


In 'Step 2' the user can check the digital compass operation prior to the calibration process. He can therefore compare the results of the digital compass with those of an alternative heading source (e.g. GPS heading).


Heading display prior to calibration (click to enlarge)
In 'Step 3' calibration is initiated. CompCAL uses an 8 point calibration approach where the vehicle has to be aimed in 8 different directions with the aid of a GPS. To assist the user in the process, CompCAL will playback a video on how the user should proceed to aim his vehicle in the proper direction. In the video, a vehicle is seen moving in an empty parking lot. Below is a screenshot of one of these videos. Step 4 vehicle aiming tutorial video (click to enlarge)

Once the ten calibration steps are being complete, CompCAL will display a Noise Score and a Magnetic Environment Score. The noise score is an indication of the quality of the calibration procedure. The noise score will be a number in the range 0 to 9, 0 being the worst and 9 the best. If the noise score is 7 or below, re-calibration is recommended for optimum accuracy. The Magnetic Environment Score indicates the degree of accuracy the Digital Compass has achieved.

CompCAL Calibration Results Scores(click to enlarge)

CompCAL is sold as part of HuntMASTER suit, or it can be purchased as a standalone product. The software is shipped together with a Serial Cable and Cigarette Lighter Power Supply Cable. Contact us for more information.


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