We offer various RDF accessories that can facilitate improved system installation, operation, testing, troubleshooting, and performance verification. Standard accessories are listed below, other items are also available on special order.

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The DGP-16HV is a high sensitivity GPS sensor module for mobile DF stations employing the HuntMASTER digital mapping and location software. This unit reports the Lat/Lon coordinates necessary for HuntMASTER to establish the mobile DF station on its digital moving map display.

DGP-16HV Product Data Sheet

RDF Products DGP-16HV GPS Sensor


  • Ultra High Sensitivity (-185 dBW)

  • Compact, Rugged, Light-Weight Unit

  • Hermetically Sealed for Outdoor Deployment

  • Magnetic Base for Vehicle Roof-Top Mount

  • Fully Compatible with DFP-1000B/DFP-1010D

  • 1 Second Lat/Lon Updates for Real-Time Operation

  • Wired & Tested for Plug and Play Operation

  • Required for HuntMASTER Mobile Mapping Software

DTC-610 Transit Case

The DTC-610 is a rugged, compact transit case designed to transport and store a mobile DF system comprising a DFP-1000B or DFP-1010D DF processor, a companion host receiver, a mobile DF antenna, and miscellaneous accessories. The unit contains resilient protective foam inserts with custom cut-outs.

DTC-610 Product Data Sheet

RDF Products DTC-610 Transit Case


  • Rugged, Compact Transit Case For DF Hardware

  • For DFP-1000B/DFP-1010D/DFR-1000B/DFR-2300B/DFR-8600D Mobile DF Systems

  • Resilient Foam Inserts For Best Shock Protection

  • Custom Cut-Outs For RDF Products DF Components

  • Accommodates Mobile DF Antenna (not illustrated)

  • Accommodates Various DF System Accessories

  • Accommodates Various DF System Accessories

  • Suitcase-Style Carrying Handle

  • Weather-Proof (both air- and water-tight)

  • Manually-Operated Pressure Equalization Valve


The DTI-100B is a test DF Bearing Synthesizer designed to facilitate testing, calibration, and performance verification of radio direction finding receivers and bearing processors. The DTI-100B allows convenient testing in an indoor environment.

A built-in RF signal generator provides a modulated 10 MHz test signal with useful harmonic output up to 1000 MHz. This feature is particularly useful in field situations where an RF signal generator may not be available. Also, the DTI-100B can be used as a handheld test transmitter that can be walked around the DF vehicle to conduct a quick functional system test.

DTI-100B Product Data Sheet

DTI-100B DF Bearing Synthesizer


  • Highly Accurate DF Bearing Calibration Standard

  • Allows Indoor System Tests Without DF Antenna

  • Verifies DF Receiver/Processor Bearing Accuracy

  • Verifies DF Receiver/Processor DF Sensitivity

  • Gain Control for Simplified Equipment Interface

  • Full 16-Azimuth Selection

  • High- and Low-Level Signal Outputs

  • Remote Azimuth Selection Via RS-232

  • Modulated 10 MHz Harmonic Comb Generator

  • Use as Walk-Around Test Transmitter for Vehicle

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