HuntMaster digital mapping and location software adds a whole new dimension to the capability of a radio direction finding equipment to locate signal sources via mobile and fixed-site sensors. Spatial and temporal diverse sensor data aggregation in provided through a comprehensive GUI.

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HuntMaster software connects to local and remote Radio Direction Finding (RDF) sensors, GPS modules and SDR radio receivers, making the most out of  this stream of real-time data. HuntMASTER drastically reduces the time and efforts needed to locate targets, making it a great tool for intermittent target localization, sporadic interference localization, or geo-location intelligence information gathering.

Target geo-location is displayed on a map together with raw Lines-of-Bearing (LOBs) from RDF sensors, DF sensor location, and track.

HuntMASTER runs under Windows OS in rugged laptop/tablet computers. It’s a matured product with 15+ years of development and field validation. It’s the most advanced productivity tool to increase DF mission success rates and accuracy.

HuntMASTER Product Data Sheet
HuntMaster full screen view with two mobile DF vehicles tracking down a target

HuntMaster full screen view during a two mobile DF vehicle mission


  • Mission critical design concept for unattended remote site operation with self healing capabilities

  • Fully integrated solution supporting a variety of hardware options (RDF Products, Garmin, AOR, Icom)

  • Simple operation, with one-click target geo-location estimation

  • Unattended DF operation capable

  • Works with local map cache for offline missions

  • Flexible HuntNET IP communication protocol for wired or wireless DF site interconnection

  • DF mission recording and playback capabilities (including audio recording)

  • Flexible GUI control options based on mission profile: touch screen compatible, mouse based control, or mouse free operation using keyboard shortcuts

  • Optional MapMaker maps download tool. Users can download multi-resolution map datasets of mission areas in minutes

  • De-facto DF mapping software of public safety, law enforcement, and national security government agencies

HuntMASTER-DF Processor, Receiver and Spectrum Display

HuntMASTER ‘DF PROCESSOR/RECEIVER’ control module with spectrum display enabled


Communications receivers can be extremely ‘feature-rich’. Having a large number of controls and requiring a step learning curve to operate. This often raises objections by less technical operators, or ones who use these receivers only infrequently, that these receivers have too many buttons.

HuntMASTER addresses these issues by incorporating only those features that are truly necessary for DF operation. Allowing for a very intuitive and straightforward operation. Anyone who has ever operated a two-way radio will require only brief familiarization to be able to master all of its features.

Since receiver controller settings automatically change DF Processor settings (and vice versa), configuration subtleties are automated by the software freeing the user to focus on mission critical tasks.


Most of the time the DF operator can rely on HuntMASTER’s automatic line-of-bearing (LOB) plotting capabilities  instead of spending valuable time performing these tasks. HuntMASTER can automate the process using one of the following AutoPlot triggers:

  • TIME – A certain time has elapsed since the last LOB plotted on the map

  • DISTANCE – The DF vehicle has drove a certain distance away from the last LOB plotted

  • SIGNAL – A new  signal intercept has been detected. HuntMASTER will then start performing bearing computations and plot an LOB once the signal goes off.

HuntMASTER performing an autonomous mission

HuntMASTER performing an autonomous DF mission using a Toyota plant UHF repeater as target

Target's location is estimated displaying a heat map on the hot areas

Toyota’s repeater estimated location is shown by a heat map, in this case on top of the plant property


HuntMASTER uses powerful AI based algorithms to estimate a target’s location. Freeing the user from the complicated task of inferring a target’s location based on the various LOB’s that could be plotted on the map at any given time. HuntMASTER algorithms will make sure to discard those less reliable LOBs and keep the ones that provide the most reliable spacial information.

The resulting target’s location is displayed as a heat map overlaid onto the map. This areas are colored from a light yellow (minimum probability) to a dark red (maximum probability). The lat/long coordinates corresponding to the center of the heat maps are displayed on top of the map. They are also recorded as part of  the mission file, and pasted onto Window’s clipboard for operator convenience. Optionally these coordinates can be automatically pushed as a Cursor-on-Target (CoT) Message to a command and control server.


Working with a network of DF sites is as simple as working with just one. HuntMASTER ‘IP DF Controller’ module will display the information of each DF site simultaneously.

Frequency or demodulation mode changes done by the DF operator will propagate automatically to all DF sites at once. Remote site audio listen-through is also available by pressing the speaker icon (as seen on the GUI to the right). Audio streaming is done in real-time using HuntMASTER’s embedded TCP/IP audio streaming service.

HuntMASTER view of DF sensor data from 5 DF-sites

HuntMASTER view of DF sensor data from 5 DF-sites

HuntMASTER Mission Data Export Wizard

HuntMASTER Mission Data Export Wizard


Users may need to prepare post-mission reports, and integrate DF mission data with 3rd party tools like Palantir or Microsoft Office. Export information gathered during a HuntMASTER mission is straightforward.

HuntMASTER incorporates a very flexible data export tool that allows to export specific mission data fields of interest. Exporting the user selected information information into Excel compatible CSV files.


HuntMASTER’s ‘Resource Manager’ will show DF site status for all HuntNET DF nodes in the network.

When starting a DF mission, the user can select which DF sensors to use during the mission. For easy selection, DF sensors can be grouped in as many groups needed. By clicking on a group and then pressing the ‘Pair to DF Station Group’ button, HuntMASTER will assign those sensors in the network to the current mission. Only those DF-sites currently not in use by another HuntMASTER workstation will be available.

For stand-alone applications just the default local DF site will be visible, making the selection trivial.

HuntMASTER Resource Manager view of online/offline DF sensors

Resource Manager view of online/offline DF sensors

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