HuntMASTER Software Suit is an advanced mapping DF platform capable of interconecting a bunch of DF Stations into one HuntNET remotelly administred and coordinated network. This software is a Windows graphical user interface program that can be used at any DF Site, or at a remote Control Station Location. HuntMaster is capable of connecting to the hardware DF processors and radio receivers locally (USB connection) or remotely (TCP/IP, VPN or Internet). The demonstration package has a time limit of 10 minutes per session, and do not provide connection to the real hardware. It does include a product tour with a pre-recorded mission and corresponding map files for the user to see what the product is capable of. The mission was a real life mobile DF vehicle searching for an interference source, outside of an important city. The mission was recorded using HuntMaster's built-in mission recording capabilities, and is played back through HuntMaster's Hunt Playback feature. 

The demo software is provided free of charge for evaluation purposes. It can be downloaded here



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