MapMaker is a Windows application used to download map dataset from various Internet on-line map data providers. Allowing HuntMASTER users to have off-line map caches that are suited for their mission requirements.

HuntMASTER's MapMaker screenshot over Houston, TX area (click to enlarge)

MapMaker is very easy to use. It's as simple as navigating to the area of choice using the built-in Google Maps window. Once the area to download is on view, the user select the map provider of choice. The user can select more than one zoom levels for each particular area, for MapMaker to download the maps in several resolution levels. Available resolutions levels go from continent wide view (zoom level 7) to street level (zoom level 15).  

Maps downloaded are stored in the following formats:

  • As '.map' files: HuntMASTER's native map format.
  • As GeoTiff files: De facto file format for map exchange. To be used with 3rd party GIS software.

The ability of MapMaker to download cached maps which can be used with several software applications improves the efficiency of the customer's organization. Allowing maps to be downloaded once, and share between different applications. Minimizing any conversion and downloading errors while making sure that every piece of software will have the same map dataset available. 

MapMaker is sold as part of HuntMASTER suit, or it can be purchased as a standalone product. Contact us for more information.


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