RDF Products DMA-1325B3 is different than any other DF antenna primarily due to its low-profile design for covert applications. With an overall height of only 6.2", this unit can be concealed beneath radomes, vehicle air conditioning vents, truck bed canopies, and other nonconductive covers for concealment. The unit is also wellsuited for custom in-vehicle mounting for the ultimate in covertness.

This mobile Adcock radio direction finding antenna has the following outstanding features:

  • 20-1,000 MHz Coverage In Three Bands
  • True Adcock Design - Does Not Employ Inferior Loops
  • Sensitivity Superior To That Of Comparable Pseudo-Dopplers
  • Low-Profile (1/3 of earlier versions) without compromising sensitivity
  • 3.0/5.0 Degrees (VHF/UHF) RMS Bearing Accuracy
  • High Signal Handling Capability
  • Vehicle Roof-Top or Aircraft Installation
  • Low-Profile Platform With Removable Aerials
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Detachable Cable Set
  • Multiple Mounting Configurations
For more information, you can download DMA-1325B3 Product Data Sheet.



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