You are about to enter into the age of advanced radiolocalization technology! HuntMaster software package when connected to appropriate Radio Direction Finding Instruments, GPS and radio receivers, makes up a complete radiogoneometric system with mapping and triangulation capabilities. This software is intended for professional localization of RF signal sources. Been specially suited for object localization (by means of beacons), interference localization, and pasive intelligence information gathering.


Information retrieved from the sensors is logged as mission files, which can later be played back for further analysis. Recreating the DF bearing lines plotted by each participating DF site together with their GPS tracks. HuntMaster's Net Edition increases direction finding capabilities by allowing real time triangulation from various fixed or mobile remote DF sites by means of Internet, GSM or TCP/IP data link interconnection. Moreover, HuntMaster coordinates all DF sites selected for a certain mission, tunning each radio receiver on each DF station to the same frequency, setting the receiver's mode, IF bandwitdh, and selecting the proper DF antenna band to match the operating frequency. The communication protocol used is based on robust unproto packets with acknowledge to efficiently deal with high packet lost situations on TCP/IP data links (often found when mobile Internet Service Providers are used). HuntMaster gives highly professional results even in those very demanding real life conditions.


HuntMaster expert system has built-in artificial intelligence aided Radio Direction Finding signal filtering and condition aware mission assistance. Integrating into a single application package all the necessary features to efficiently track down an electromagnetic signal source in record time. It uses state-of-the-art data processing algorithms to take advantage of every bit of information provided by the RDF Instruments in use. All relevant DF information in conjunction with a moving map display and GPS vehicle tracking is used to triangulate the unknown position of any RF Signal Source. 


A friendly easy to operate graphical user interface together with seamless support of 'RDF Products' DF Processor hardware units, make HuntMaster the best option for deploying advanced feature high precision DF networks in no time.


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