Bearing Measurements with low multipathSignal localization thought triangulation is only as good as the accurancy of the bearings used. Therefore, it's very important to make sure that only the best measurements taken are plotted as bearing lines on the map.


Bearing Measurements with heavy multipathHuntMaster's Radar Module is a high efficient statistical filter, based on a bearing quality and data histogram filter. This filtering resembles a Radar display. Much for the same reason why radar displays are used in radars, because a trained eye can visually filter out echos from the real thing. In HuntMaster even a non-trained operator with some practice can easily tell the difference between those measurements have considerable multipath induced distortion, and those which seem accurate measurements. In all cases HuntMaster does an accurate estimation of the statistical mode angle, which is the most probably filtered angle to use when plotting bearing lines on the Map Module. It's then up to the operator to decide where to plot those bearings on not (in case the Auto-Plot function is activated, measurements are automatically evaluated based on pre-defined parameters). The Auto-Plot function can be triggered by three different conditions (once bearing quality standards have been meet): time elapsed trigger , distance traveled trigger or signal threshold trigger.


On the left radar image we can appreciate how multipath induced errors look like in HuntMaster's Radar Display. There is considerable more sidelobes, and backlobes, which are almost non existent in the image to the right.


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