is a smartphone based advanced radio controller designed to control hidden transmitters used during training missions. When combined with a radio transmitter, it will playback a pre-programmed scenario comprised of multiple MP3 audio clips at user-programmed intervals. It is completely field controlable via text commands sent by means of SMS. The user can activate the transmitter by sending a text message with the word START. Sending STOP will finish playing back the audio files. While a SMS with the words DUCK STATUS will sendback to the user a complete status report with charging status for the smartphone (in case of solar power applications), battery level, transmitter status, GSM signal level, and more. 

DuckMASTER interfaces to a radio transceiver much like a radio modem does. It operates the radio by controlling the Push-To-Talk (PTT) while sending audio using the smartphone's headphone jack. The product comes with a universal breakout box that connects to the cellular phone on one end, and to the radio transmitter on the other. When ordering the product please specify radio transmitter brand and model, so that DuckMASTER is shipped with the proper cable.

DuckMASTER is comprised of the following items:

  • Software app for Android smartphones
  • Interface breakout box
  • Radio transmitter interface cable

Whereas the user must provide:

  • Android Phone with a SMS capable service plan
  • Radio transmitter with MIC and PTT inputs

A typical installation is seen below: 

DuckMASTER typical installation. Smartphone and radio transmitter not included (click to enlarge)

DuckMASTER comes with a very easy to use Android App. It's as simple as copying into the smartphone's SD memory card those audio files that will make up the scenario to be played. Then choose a pseudo-random wait interval (from 2 to 999 seconds), and press the LOAD button for the App to load the scenario audio files. Now the system is ready for playback. Pressing the START button on the screen, or sending a text message with the word START will initiate the transmissions.  

DuckMASTER is sold as part of HuntMASTER suit, or it can be purchased as a standalone product. Contact us for more information.


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